Thursday, 24 February 2011

My First Blog

I am new to blogging, i had a friend tell that what i have to say or write could help other people if other people will read what i have to say.

I will talk about different topics about what i am dealing with at the time. I will talk about my past and what i went through and how your past makes you the person that you are today.   i will talk about how my new journey with Jesus going and what has happened to me since i have found my faith with Jesus.  i will share my favorite bible scriptures and what it is that is coming from my heart. 

if you are reading this and it sounds all funny that is because that I am dyslexic, so I will do my best to edit everything before i publish it.

i will talk about what it like to have a child that has ADHD/dyslexic/dyspracia and audio processing, the issues that i deal with and how i deal with them, the things that i have tried and worked and the things that i have tried and have not worked.

so stay tuned.

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