Thursday, 3 March 2011

Relising Rose was ADHD and dyslexic

It was hard to say it but i knew that something was not right because when i hit that terrible 2 stage well they said that she would grow out of it, well she never did. 

Rose stooped sleeping through the day when she was 12months old no matter what i did she stooped during the day,  Then still she would not go to sleep till about 8-9at night.  When she started eating solid foods i new just certain things would make her more over active.

I remember quiet clearly and i will never forget it, my sister and bother in law was watching her cause i just need a night off and they loved having her over she was about 3and a half 4 and they were bringing her back on the Sunday afternoon and she had a cough so they were told that licorice was good to relieve the cough so they gave her some.  it was on the way to drop her off i lived half hour away and they gave her some as they left there place.  so when they got to my place she was happy it was about 4 in the afternoon so we played had a bath and tea and by 8pm she was just bouncing off the wall i rang my sister and asked what they gave her and how much, she had 2-3 sticks of licorice and by 10 that night she was still going i lock that house up like fort knocks and i had to let her wear her self out i dozed on and off on the lounge and at 1 in the morning i was able to get her to lie down next to me on my bed and she fell asleep.  and to this day  i wont let her eat it. 

i never deprived her of lollies and soft drink but it was a treat to get them a once a week treat when we went and done the shopping.

I thought that was how kids were that it was normal behaviour. 

It got to a point where i could not handle it any more and i though that it was me and my parenting.  When rose started prep in that first week of school i was called to the office 3 times i was so embarrassed.  She would throw her self down on the ground if she didn't get her way (when she did that at home i would just walk away and ignore her but at school they couldn't) or she would walk out of the class room and go play in the sandpit.  This was the point that when her teachers and principal and I were discussing her and they told me to get a Dr opinion which i did.  She was refereed to a pediatrician and we changed her diet no processed foods no sugar and it was hard at first but we got there, and it did work for about a year we put her on a natural drug called afalex that worked for about 6 months.  Then nothing worked diet natural stuff and it got to a point where i had enough the school had enough so i went back to the doctor and they put her on Ritalin and what a different kid a complete change. she was on 1 10mg tablet a day over six months she was on 2 10mg tables one in the morning and one at lunch time.  What i found hard was she had a teacher that didn't like this drug so she wouldn't give it to her and i knew when i picked her up that she didn't have her tablet and i went and spoke to her about it and she refused to give it to her so i went and spoke to her doctor again and we put her on Ritalin la that is a 8hr acting tablet which got her through school but by the time she got home the drug wore off and that was fine i knew how to handle her but to get her homework done was impossible.  so i never made her do homework and i went and told her teacher that i would not make rose do homework so they were fine with that.  Now that rose is older and to help her with getting homework done she is now on concetra which is a 12hr acting tablet. 

About a year ago i realised that rose was dyslexic, had audio processing difficulties and was dyspraxic as well.  i had rose properly diagnosed through the dyslexic center of Australia and it is more common for boys to have adhd and rose is one of the girls,  when she was diagnosed with adhd they told me it would be very unlikely for rose to have adhd, dyslexia, audio processing and dyspraxica.  i was told that adhd is genetically passed on and so is dyslexia so rose gets her adhd from her father and dyslexia from me her mum.  Dyspracica is a slightly from of brain damage it is caused by the birth and where the baby is born not breathing. 

i will go more into each one adhd, dyslexic, dyspraxica and audio processing.

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  1. Fiona, God choose you especially to be Rose's mother. The reason?? Because He saw your beautiful heart and knew you could be the mother she needed. Nothing is ever a mistake and you have proved that.. God loves you so much and so does Rose...and I love you both. xxx